Welcome Budding Entrepreneurs

1 01 2010

Welcome to Budding Entrepreneurs, the website of Budding Entrepreneurs Europe community.

Budding Entrepreneurs Europe is the community linked to EPL Europe – Entrepreneurial Peer Learning Europe. EPL Europe supports early-stage, high-growth businesses, delivering Entrepreneurial Peer Learning programmes developed in collaboration with European entrepreneurship professors and experts.

EPL Europe’s objective is to give budding entrepreneurs the instruments to get better results faster, by focusing on key drivers of success. EPL Europe provides a structured approach to these issues.

Our budding entrepreneurs give their commitment to participate in weekly meetings where they will be able to:

  • discuss their business ideas in a secure environment with like minded people
  • mentor and get mentored by like minded people, peers, and more experienced entrepreneurs
  • present their business ideas to test and improve their public speaking ability
  • improve their marketing ability to promote their ideas to clients and investors
  • brainstorm on their ideas to find the X-factor of their target sector

The weekly meetings are organised so that entrepreneurs train on the key drivers of success while working on their actual business issues. A facilitator is always present to help and drive forward the event.




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